2016 NFL Mock Draft Joke Edition

2016 NFL Mock Draft: First Round Joke Edition

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

For true football fanatics and constantly pissed off New York Jets fans like yours truly, NFL mock drafts are the only glimmer of hope that we might find some semblance of gridiron happiness going into the next season. And since semblance is all about illusion, it’s fitting that the majority of 2016 NFL mock drafts flooding the web are filled with terribly wrong choices and painfully annoying analyst opinions moonlighting as facts.

Like our 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Joke Edition, we’ve got another season of more-enjoyable and less-bullshitty predictions for the infamous, yet beloved NFL draft – with a twist. Let this be your honest version of what the NFL draft should be.. a collection of unorthodox choices that fit team needs and inspire change, on and off the field.

2016 NFL Mock Draft: First Round Joke Edition

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GIF Gif of getting ready for 2016 NFL Mock Drafts.

1. Tennessee Titans: Hayden Panettiere, Actress

Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey have been rumored as the two top choices for a team hurting on the offensive line and in the defensive backfield, yet I’m thinking their troubles are more internal and mental than they may realize. Enter Hayden Panettiere, the feisty and fearless little girl from Remember the Titans, who now plays a country diva on the TV show Nashville. But rewinding back to our favorite iconic football film, think of Panettiere as the miniature Mike Ditka – you don’t ask why things need to be done, but rather how fast.

GIF Gif of 2016 NFL Mock Draft meeting Disney.

2. Cleveland Browns: Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Rapper

Like I mentioned in my unusual quarterback options for the 2016 Cleveland Browns proposal, Eminem is from Detroit so this makes little sense. However, given that Detroit is statistically the most dangerous city in the country, Slim Shady would theoretically be prepared for even the worst situations – like quarterbacking the Cleveland Browns.


3. San Diego Chargers: Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

It’s no secret that the Chargers want to relocate, thus the need for an infusion of San Diego-focused love and appreciation. Enter Ron Burgundy, who has some interesting takes on San Diego’s history.


4. Dallas Cowboys: Bo Dallas, Wrestler

On name alone, this future partnership needs no introduction. And while we’re at it with one Bo, let’s get Bo Derek on board.

GIF Gif of wrestler in 2016 NFL Mock Draft.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: A Vat of Eli manning’s Blood

Remember when the 2014 Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-10 at the time, completed the largest comeback in franchise history? Yeah, that was against good old Eli and the predictable New York Giants. I’m guessing that game two years ago softened him up a ton as well, considering the adorable farewell video Manning just produced for his older brother’s iconic retirement.

GIF Eli Manning would rather avoiding any 2016 NFL Mock Drafts.

6. Baltimore Ravens: An IT Team

In October, the Ravens found themselves down eight with 1:53 left in the game, 76 yards from the red zone, bereft of any working headsets. Plays had to be screamed in from offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, while Joe Flacco scrambled for his life, a chance at victory, and to the sideline for every single play call. Pitiful.

GIF Joe Flacco's feelings on a 2016 NFL Mock Draft.

7. San Francisco 49ers: Ric Flair, Retired Wrestler

New head coaches ordinarily translates to new quarterback, but the 49ers need to slow down and walk before they run. Ric Flair, clearly experienced in motivating the Niners already, fits the new-team mold and will infuse this young club with some much-needed inspiration.


8. Philadelphia Eagles (from MIA): Shirts

I get the New York hate when you’re playing the New York Giants, but why so hard on the Mets specifically? Did Yoenis Cespedes steal this guy’s stallion or something?

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Griffin Alstott, High School Quarterback

Fullback Mike Alstott remains the greatest Buccaneer ever, based on consumer sentiment polls. His son, still only 16, gets the early call. Start’em young.

Picture of Griffin Alstott in the 2016 NFL Mock Draft. (Photo: debartoloqbacademy.com)
Griffin Alstott seems the perfect add to this 2016 NFL Mock Draft. (Photo: debartoloqbacademy.com)


10. New York Giants: A Hand for Jason Pierre-Paul

Though he may claim otherwise, saying he’ll be good, per Giants.com


11. Chicago Bears: A Sushi Bar

Bears love catching fish streaming up the river, so this is simply a necessary/natural addition. Fresh, uncooked fish wrapped in steaming sticky rice is pretty much the perfect meal. With miso, of course. Time for change in Chi-Town.


12. New Orleans Saints: A Defense

Literally anything. Even a fence that says D on it would work at this point.


13. Miami Dolphins (from PHI): Dolph Lundgren, Actor

This would finally give owner Stephen Ross the opportunity to rename his club the Miami Dolph-grens, or something like that.


14. Oakland Raiders: A Lost Ark

I guess Bruce Irvin could be the lost ark.


15. Los Angeles Rams: Ari Gold, Movie Agent

Dude thrives in Hollywood and can properly show these newly arrived Rams how to walk and talk the walk and talk.

GIF Gif of Ari Gold disapproving of most fantasy baseball team names.

16. Detroit Lions: The Waterboy

Or really any unknown character who magically becomes a football star and changes everything for the pitiful Lions – that coming from a Jets fan, so you know it’s bad.


17. Atlanta Falcons: A Personalized Planner for Vic Beasley

Since Pimpin ain’t Vic Beasley.


18. Indianapolis Colts: A Bucket

For the tears that Chuck Pagano squeezes out of us during every victory speech. God you’re perfect, Chuck. PERFECT.


19. Buffalo Bills: More Porta-Potties

It was easy to once think that Buffalo fans everywhere had stomach issues, but now I’m starting to believe they actually enjoy causing bowel movement havoc. Time to lessen the opportunity for free-flying piss.

Picture of Buffalo Bills fan reacting to 2016 NFL Mock Draft.
Buffalo fans don’t know what to expect from this 2016 NFL Mock Draft.


20. New York Jets: A More Creative Twitter Guy

When your team sucks every year, you NEED more creativity than a one-word quip that has nobody laughing. I’m literally a Jets fan not laughing.

Jets tweet prior to this 2016 NFL Mock Draft.
Twitter improvements come via this 2016 NFL Mock Draft.


21. Washington Redskins: A New Stadium

Oh wait, they’re on it already. Pictures courtesy of The Washington Post.


22. Houston Texans: A Financial Advisor

$72 million to Brock fucking Osweiler. Really? Even Matt Flynn is using #wtf.

Matt Flynn tweet prior to 2016 NFL Mock Draft.
Matt Flynn shouldn’t speak on the 2016 NFL Mock Draft.


23. Minnesota Vikings: A First-Grade Pen Pal

You know, to keep things in perspective. I mean, for first-graders to write these letters is just great. Blair Walsh definitely approves.

Picture of 2016 NFL Mock Draft and Blair Walsh letters. Photo: startribune.com
2016 NFL Mock Draft offers new opportunities to teams. (Photo: startribune.com)


24. Cincinnati Bengals: Jason Moore, Director

The director of Pitch Perfect of course, where Vontaze Burfict got the inspiration for his new film. Get Jason on board.


25. Pittsburgh Steelers: Clean Urine

Because now they’re left scrambling for another receiver, following Martavis Bryant’s year-long suspension, since Antonio Brown and his Kung-Fu kicks apparently aren’t enough. If history has taught us anything, the Steelers will pull their fifth-string wide receiver up and he’ll turn into the next Mike Wallace/Emmanuel Sanders. So probably not too much to worry about here.

Picture of Martavis Bryant preparing for this 2016 NFL Mock Draft. (Photo: Bill Wippert/Associated Press)
Martavis Bryant can fully watch the 2016 NFL Mock Draft now that he’s suspended for the year. (Photo: Bill Wippert/Associated Press)


26. Seattle Seahawks: Salvatore Paul “Sully” Erna, Vocalist and Guitarist

Annihilating a team in front of a live audience is motivation at its finest. Too bad Godsmack still blows.


27. Green Bay Packers: Richard Simmons, Fitness Guru

Eddie Lacy continues to battle weight problems. Enter Richard Simmons, who’s colorful enough to spark change in Green Bay.


28. Kansas City Chiefs: Shane Ray’s Tattoo Artist

To hook up the whole squad. I mean, if this guy can get a Broncos linebacker to embrace a KC tattoo (sure, it’s his hometown, but whatever), I can’t wait to see what he can do with Chiefs players.

2016 NFL Mock Draft candidates getting on Shane Ray's level. (Photo: @stingray56)
2016 NFL Mock Draft candidates better get on Shane Ray’s level. (Photo: @stingray56)


29. Arizona Cardinals: Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

So they can remake The Office correctly.


30. Carolina Panthers: Brandon Ingram, College Basketball Forward

The potential No. 1 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Duke’s Brandon Ingram gives the already ridiculously athletic Panthers and Cam Newton another lethal weapon – and he’s a hometown kid. What could be better? Carolina soon finds themselves with the athletically nastiest 1-2 combo in the league.



31. Denver Broncos: Brucie, Inmate

Broncos are getting desperate at quarterback. Let’s go, Brucie.