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2017 Fantasy Baseball Team Names In Rap lyrics

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2017)

Earlier this month we released our cream-of-the-crop funniest¬†2017 Fantasy Baseball Team Names to give fantasy baseball aficionados an early-bird special head start on building the perfect fantasy team. Now we’re presenting a dessert of sorts with 2017 fantasy baseball team names in rap lyrics – where music and fantasy baseball comes to an epic collision.




Kick In Lindor, Wavin’ The Four Four

All you heard was Cleveland don’t hit me no more.

All The Way Rupp

Nothing can stop Cameron Rupp other than most pitches.

Nuck If You Randall Grichuk

In other words, Nuck if you hit .240 last year.

You Only Live Once: That’s The Votto

Joey Votto is Cincinnati’s motto.

Real Recognize Real, That’s Familia

Or is it?

The Sky Is Falling, The Adam Lind Is Calling. Stand For Something Or Die In The Morning

Kendrick Lamar is everywhere, as is journeyman Adam Lind.

I Said, Look, You Need To Crawl ‘Fore You Chisenhall

Lonnie Chisenhall’s last name sounds like he’s always whittling a private little dance floor out of raw wood.

Break Out The Red Lights, Welcome To Starling Marte Life

Party life.

Then Dead As A Death Pack; The McCullers I Choose

When Ice-T isn’t Law & Ordering.

You Ain’t Never Told Cano Lie

Directly or behind his back.

I Got A Story To Kimbrel

Titled ‘the strange life of relief pitching?’

Cause Eric Thames And Throw The Darts, There Go The Sparks And Broken Hearts

Eric Thames never told.

Now I Watch You Play Mark Trumbo, Picasso Tricks Inside

h/t Mary J Blige.

As We Proceed To Give You What You Addison Reed

He is essential when he’s chucking, so this makes sense.

Corey Seager To Show You, Thinking That I Should Know Ryu

A lot of Los Angeles Dodgers here.

Another Lil Fella With Some Schoop Dreams

Jonathan Schoop is living those hoop dreams.

Porcello, L-O, They Know, They Know

Shoutout to late Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo.

You’s A Beat Biter, Pac Style Shoemaker

Hit ’em up, Matt Shoemaker.

Keep Tellin’ Yourself That You Was deGrom

Cleaning Out My Closet meets Jacob deGrom.

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