5 Surprising New York Giants Head Coach Candidates Emerge

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

With the sad (NOT) departure of former New York Giants head coach Benny with the Good Hair, AKA Benny Mac, AKA Ben McAdoo, the New York Football Giants have a rare opening for their head coaching position. After a million years of Five-Star General Tom Coughlin, we fans sat through two years of Benny showing Game of Thrones clips to his players instead of game film, and both the on and off-field products suffered greatly.

Even during Coughlin’s time, there were always rumors of Bill Cowher or the $100 million man, Jon “Spider 2 Y Banana” Gruden (now with the Oakland Raiders). The Giants have decided to go a different direction and not bring in a ring-bearing retired head coach, instead turning to fresh blood. Enter the field.

While many may be thinking about Patriots Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia or of course also their Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, there isn’t a soul in America who would turn down the job. The only question is, who is the right man for the job? Should Trump leave the White House for the Meadowlands? Is it time for Lavar Ball to make the switch from roundball to pigskin? Maybe we can poach Bill Belichick before Saturday, just in time to cause a Patriots collapse against the Tennessee Titans?

5 Surprising New York Giants Head Coach Candidates To Watch:


Vince McMahon

Vince has been talking about getting back into football anyway, so this really aligns with his career goals. Plus, who wouldn’t want a pregame speech like this every Sunday..

Donald Trump

Donald leaving the White House would be a great benefit to the whole country, though the Giants may take an internal and on-field beating with this move. But hey, all for the good of the country. Of course we could always see North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un take a run just so he can beat Trump out for the job in yet another johnson-measuring contest. Seriously, anything is possible these days.


Gregg Popovich

Will Pop leave the San Antonio Spurs after five championships and 20 consecutive seasons. For the New York Giants, ya damn right he will.


Lavar Ball

CEO, shameless father, founder of the Junior Basketball Association, lying sack. What hasn’t the guy done? Be the New York Giants head coach, that’s what.


Bill Belichick

This is actually a real albeit loose rumor, as Bill’s love for his old club oozes all over the football field. Wouldn’t this be a move for the ages? Though Landon Collins doesn’t necessarily feel as good about it.


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