50 Funny 2016 Fantasy Basketball Team Names

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2017)

It was a strange summer for the NBA, including the creation of our 2016 fantasy basketball team names. Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Western Conference rival Golden State Warriors, Tim Duncan shockingly and also not shockingly retired, and U.S. won Olympic gold in Rio.

But while the talented Ben Simmons-led college crop of 2016 draftees keep prepping and Walt Clyde Frazier continues posting and toasting, fantasy basketball diehards are flocking to computers everywhere with one thing in mind.. season-long victory. They’ll study rankings, import player lists into spreadsheets and sort, take part in countless meaningless mock drafts; they’ll do whatever what it takes to take home the mythical trophy.

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And to help with the quest, Spleaze has 50 fantasy basketball team names that are sure to shoot your team to the top of the popularity charts.


Ranking our favorite 2016 Fantasy Basketball Team Names

50. Kawhi You Always Lying

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year is always trending.

49. Everybody Loves Draymond

Except for his opponents.

48. Beverley Hills Cop

Could Patrick Beverley be the Eddie Murphy of basketball? No, probably not.

47. Kyrie On My Wayward Son

This song always gives us options [cut to Jason Heyward meme].

46. Party Favors

With a big fat double-double in the bag.

45. Dawn Of The Shved

Or Shaun of the Schved, depending on what you think of Alexey Shved’s career thus far.

44. Lin It To Win It

Honestly, props to Jeremy Lin for still being around.

43. 10 Points For Blake Griffindor

Also referred to as the high-flying tomato.

Blake Griffin meme.
Blake Griffin, the mythical creature.

42. Mahinmi Vice

Ian Mahinmi’s style revolves around the basketball hoop.

41. Capela Ella Ella Ay Ay

Third time’s/year’s the charm for 2014 first-round Rockets pick Clint Capela?

40. Shelvin Mack Ops 2

A forgotten man or the Jazz’s best-kept backcourt secret?

39. New England Clam Crowder

You Boston fans get it.

38. From Russia With Kevin Love

K. Love used to be James Bond smooth, but now.. I’m just not sure. He’s just a sports meme.

From Russia with Kevin Love meme.
Kevin Love loves him some fantasy basketball team names.

37. The Home Oladipo

Victor’s eclectic name offers him plenty of future opportunities post basketball.

36. Aaahh!!! Beal Monsters

Bradley Beal, the name that always just works.

35. Hibbert And Ernie

Roy seems like he’d fit right in with the Sesame Street crew.

34. Kobe-Wan Kenobi

A now-retired legend in Jedi mastery, a favorite among our 2016 fantasy basketball team names.

33. Netflix And Phil

Who wouldn’t want to?

Netflix and Phil meme.
Netflix and Phil or Netflix and fantasy basketball team names?

32. Crosby, Mills And Nash

Featuring Patty Mills.

31. Dirty Wroten Scoundrels

Yes, Tony Wroten is still in the league. Grizzlies.

30. The DeMartian

Something tells me DeMar DeRozan could survive on Mars.

29. Curryous George

I guess Klay Thompson would be The Man With the Yellow Hat.

28. Brandon Bass Pro Shops

Brand awareness for the newest sports meme.

Brandon Bass Pro Shops meme.
Brandon Bass Pro Shops should probably specialize in fantasy basketball team names.

27. Road To Noah-where

Talking Heads. Joakim Noah. The end.

26. Deron To The Next One

Deron Wiliams has a million ways to get it.. choose one.

25. Hide J-Kidd, Hide Your Dwight

Antoine Dodson throwback.


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24. Super Dario

We’re still waiting to see the 12th pick of the 2014 NBA draft, Sixers’ Croation forward Dario Saric.

23. Luol & Order

The courtroom can get a little sweaty.

22. Melo Gear Solid

Given his recent heroism, Melo can never be questioned.

21. American Horford Story

New season this October.

20. Every Kiss Begins With Klay

For the Warriors, at least.

Every Kiss Begins with Klay Thompson meme.
Every Kiss Begins with 2016 fantasy basketball team names.

19. Monta’s Peak

Monta Ellis is always on the verge of an explosive performance.

18. Chronicles Of Redick

There’s a cult following out there for this type of stuff.

17. Teague Of Legends

A new Indiana favorite.

16. Love Don’t Kosta Thing

Sans Nick Cannon, thankfully.

15. I Got Gasol, But I’m Not A Gosoldier

All These Things That Pau Gasol’s Done

14. Russell And Flow

Maybe this OKC star will have a mid-life crisis and try to become a hip-hop emcee.

13. Watch Me Nene

In other words, watch me offer the greatest troll face of all time.

12. Boyz N The Rodney Hood

I’d see it.

11. The Golbert Report

Or The Late Show with Rudy Gobert.

The Rudy Golbert Report meme.
Rudy Gobert for the win in our 2016 fantasy basketball team names.

10. Forget About Dray

Until he throws up another triple-double, we’ll remember Dray for making our best 2016 fantasy basketball team names list.

9. Imagine Dragan

The Phoenix Suns are praying No. 4 pick Dragan Bender is truly radioactive.

8. A Walk Among The Batum-Stones

There’s not a lot to say here. 2016 fantasy basketball team names.

7. Kobe Dick

A whale of a basketball legend and a much-needed sports meme.

6. Jruish Princess

Funny, she doesn’t look Jruish.

5. How Can You Be Mo Harkless

808s & Heartbreak.

4. Noel Diggity

Noel doubt.

Noel Diggity meme.
Nerlens Noel fading to black street in these 2016 fantasy basketball team names.

3. Hield Of Dreams

Buddy Hield playing the role of Kevin Costner playing the role of Ray Kinsella.

2. My Cousins Vinny

The “yoot” that he is.

1. Dunn And Dumber

Kris Dunn is Mr. Perfect..


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