50 Funny 2016 Fantasy Football Team Names

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Each offseason, fantasy footballers salivate over way-too-early player rankings and flock to clearly inaccurate fantasy football mock drafts in preparation of the next NFL season. They scratch and claw for that small pinch of an edge; they yearn for that random forum post with a collection of new sleepers and insider injury tidbits. But while clicking around for more projections and chomping on stale pretzel sticks, fantasy footballers realize they still have one step on the ladder of fantasy football team creation – a 2016 fantasy football team names!

Follow our lead and you, sir, will soon be a fantasy football legend. Whether you win or not is irrelevant, as the following funny fantasy football team names will carry you to fantasy football stardom in 2016.


Ranking our favorite 2016 Fantasy Football Team Names

50. The Sixth Wentz

Carson Wentz is bound to see dead people soon enough if that line doesn’t hold up.

49. Better Call Rawls

Thomas Rawls is number one on your speed dial.

Thomas Rawls fantasy football team names.
Thomas Rawls knows who to call for fantasy football team names.

48. Ferris Bueller’s Day Goff

Ferrari included.

47. Stairway to Evans

It would do Mike Evans some good to listen to a little Zepp.

46. From Dusk till Marshawn

This one’s just here so I won’t get fined.

45. Pitch Burfict

Don’t expect a sequel.

Vontaze Burfict fantasy football team names.
Vontaze Burfict must love some quality fantasy football team names.

44. Prosise, Ice Baby

Notre Dame’s C.J. Promise.. watch out for this kid.

43. Cry Me a Philip Rivers

Especially if you didn’t choose the side-armed chucker in fantasy last season.


Wonder how Odell Beckham would do as a gynecologist.


41. WD-Forte

Maybe Matt Forte can protect this New York Jets offense from terrible play calls.

40. Terrance West-eros

The first of several Game of Thrones fantasy football team names and a subtle reminder to not sleep on forgotten Ravens (and former Browns) tailback Terrance West.

39. The Delanie White Walkers

Consistently feared by opponents and other 2016 fantasy football team names.

38. Brock O’s Modern Life

Modern in the fact that an inexperienced and possibly overrated 25-year-old backup quarterback (albeit to Peyton manning) gets $72 million handed to him.

37. A Tribe Called Wes

Still chugging along at 35 years old. Can Wes Welker still kick it?


36. AC/DC

If you’re a fan of Derek Carr to Amari Cooper, this one’s for you.

35. Pimpin Ain’t Vic Beasley

Or is it?

34. Gurley Bird Gets the Worm

Pluck him early in fantasy drafts or prepare for the worm.

33. Black & Eric Decker

Just storing touchdowns.

32. Dough Montana

A tribute to the one and only hefty lefty, Jared Lorenzen.


31. Fifty Shades of Jonas Gray

Could he surface from the cloudy bottom of the Jaguars depth chart?

30. Jekyll & Carlos Hyde

I wonder who shows up this season following this appearance in our best 2016 fantasy football team names.

29. Kaepernick at Nite

Founded 1985, never to be found again.

28. DeFinding DeForester

And instead de-finding DeForest Buckner.

27. Fewell Metal Jacket

Now starring Josh Norman.

Perry Fewell fantasy football team names.
Perry Fewell Metal Jacket is climbing our fantasy football team names list.

26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles

Mean, green, and a fantasy football machine.

25. My Cousin Vinatieri

Surrounded by a bunch of yoots.

24. Irritable Todd Bowles Syndrome

Potentially very irritable.

Todd Bowles fantasy football team names.
Fantasy Football team names aren’t complete without some New York Jets mockery.

23. Saved by the Le’Veon Bell

A classic.

22. Forsett it Off

One-hit wonder, again?

21. Abdullah Oblongata

Alligators aren’t the only ones who are ornery because of the medulla oblongata.

20. Golden Tate Warriors

Had enough yet? No? Alright, here’s footage of Draymond Green staying relevant.

19. Turn Down for Watt?

It’s usually a rhetorical question.

18. DeMaryius Targaryen

Never too much GOT, though did you know ‘Khaleesi’ was the 755th most popular name for a baby girl a couple years back?

17. Francis Langford Coppola

A tribute to The Godfather, you know Al Pacino is taking this name and drafting Bears tailback Jeremy Langford early this year.


16. Myles Jack of all Trades

Seriously, just read his scouting report.

15. King of the Tannehill

Just like King of the Hill, mundane and normally average.

14. Gore Than a Feeling

So many people have come and gone.

13. Hightower of Terror

Tim just high-stepping his way into the enzdone.

12. Hold the Agholor

Or just let him loose.

11. Frosted Flaccos

I dig it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.39.01 AM

10. Smelter Skelter

Watch out for 49ers 6-foot-3 rookie wideout DeAndre Smelter.

9. Rage Against the Vereen

Pokemon is apparently big again, so let’s just bring back everything from the 90s.

8. Alshon of the Dead

In terms of fantasy expectations, this one’s a horror flick.

7. 2001: A Space Marquise Lee

Might be a stretch, but who else in your league will have this name?

6. Straight Outta Tom Coughlin

I mean, he won’t go away so why not?

5. Droptimus Prime

Also available for NBA fantasy teams as “Floptimus Prime.” Sports meme waiting to happen.

4. Hold the Oher

Last Hodor reference, seriously. 2016 fantasy football team names need those types of overused references.

3. Horton Hears a Suh

Is it too soon to say “who?”


2. Goff-uck yourself

One of the more elegant team monikers.

1. The Tolbert Report

Mike Tolbert, too, has a loyal following.

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