50 Funniest 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

It’s that time of year, when fantasy football floods through the veins of fans drooling for the new season. But atop the priority list for your team is an obese collection of funny 2017 fantasy football team names. Stop sweating over football like the cookie monster..


.. and check out our annual list of creative team names, the 50 Funniest 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names.

50. Living on a Prater

Take my leg and we’ll make it, I swear.

49. Dez-pacito

Occasionally getting all the feels. (h/t @lissathozeski)

48. Juszczyk Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Oh this is a Harvard bar, huh?

47. The Ansah

Like Allen Iverson, but not.

46. More Than A Thielen

Boston style.

45. Hyde and Zeke

Or Hyde and Get Suspended.

44. Straight Outta Coughlin​

Not in Jacksonville, though — they’re good.

43. It’s a Hard Brock Life

For Cleveland.

42. The Njoku’s On You

David Njoku that is.

41. Kung Fu Yanda


40. ChristianMcaffreyMingle.com

The match for you!

39. Davis WebbMD

Your leading source for riding the bench.

38. The Story Of OJ

Howard or Simpson, honestly.


Teenage level accuracy too.

36. It’s-A Me, Mariota!

N64. Never forget.

35. Golden Tate Warriors

Can the Detroit Lions’ No. 1 receiver regain his slot dominance? Probably.

34. Blount Rushmore

In Philly.

33. Why Dont’a You Get A Job

With the Patriots or The Offspring.

32. T-Bone Tate, Cheese Eggs and Welch’s Brate

Too much?

31. Deshaun John

For the fashionistas.

30. Dalvin And Hobbs

Similar to Calvin {Johnson} and Hobbs.

29. Return Of The Dak

Probably worth the Cowboys giving Mark Morrison a call.

28. Dude, Where’s Derek Carr

Dude, you have like 12 at this point.

27. All I Do is Quinn

And sack.

26. Obi Won Ogunjobi

[blank stare] — h/t @MedleyHoops

25. Catch Me Outside, How Bout Dak

Shameless. h/t @jaredrusso

24. Charmanderick West

The return of pokemon. h/t @HanselFranzel

23. Poe Money, Poe Problems

h/t @falcons_andy

22. Game Of Jones

Winter (NFL) is here.

21. Need For Snead

The need for 2017 fantasy football team names never ends.

20. Bend The Knee Kaep

Savage. h/t @BAPfromtheHart

19. It’s Too Late to Say Amari

Cause I’m missing more than just your touchdown catches.

18. Make America Brate Again

Couldn’t help it.

17. Prosise, Ice Baby

Let’s kick it.

16. Game of Lynches

Enter Al Pacino.

15. My Cousins Vinny

Kirk may need a real lawyer for these contract demands.

14. Diggs Out For Harambe

The legend.

13. Kizer Soze

Can DeShone become a real quarterback?

12. Tyreek A Boo

And he’s gone.

11. Bilal The Small Things

Bringing it back to the Blink-182 days.

10. Wentz Upon A Time

In a galaxy far, far away.

9. Crispy Kareem

Watch out for sugary Kareem Hunt. h/t @AJ4Bes

8. Reed Em And Weep

Seriously, read Jordan Reed’s injury report.

7. Hackenberger and Fries

For the Jets masochists out there.

6. Pour One Out For Mahomes

Big Patty.

5. Better Call Rawls

Or Saul Goodman.

Better Call Thomas Rawls.

4. 8 Myles

That No. 1 pick, one opportunity.

3. Mixon It Up

By choosing this name.

2. No Such Thing As Halfway Cooks

Not with Tom Brady at the helm.

1. Fournette, The Best A Man Can Get

Thanks Gillette.


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