Action Bronson Koenig for the buzzer-beating win

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Bronson Koenig’s final-second three-pointer put an epically late comeback in the Wisconsin books, as the Badgers upset second-seeded Xavier, 66-63, and kept the believers alive in Madison and around the country. Alive enough to keep yours truly’s broke lower east side-based cousin and her fellow Wisco grads to drop $300 each on tickets to Philly for their Sweet 16 game against Notre Dame.

With Wisconsin down nine points in the final minutes against Xavier, this was a seemingly routine March Madness game now documented as one for the ages. Koenig tied the game at 63–63 with just over 11 seconds left, then naturally won it on the next possession. In case you missed it, let’s relive Bronson Koenig’s clock-expiring glory..



Now that he’s clearly famous, it’s fair to assume Bronson Koenig will attempt to cement his brand – or, rather, create it. Of course, we’ve already jumped the gun and put Bronson alongside another Bronson counterpart – musician and foodie Action Bronson.


Picture of Action Bronson Koenig.
Action Bronson Koenig is building a legacy.


Something tells me this would be a partnership for the ages, whether or not them meeting or having anything in common is even realistic.

In the meantime, we can marinate in the awesomeness that is a Frank Kaminsky celebration since we probably won’t get a Bronson-to-Bronson team anytime soon. If you remember Frank the Tank, who we endearingly covered during last year’s March Madness, he’s the former Wisconsin maniac from 2015 now riding the bench for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets – but still earning a decent-enough 20 minutes per game.



Last, but well yeah, and least, we’ve got a sad Bill Murray. In case you’ve forgotten or missed the glorious photographs of Bill Murray being Bill Murray, Murray’s son Luke is an assistant coach at Xavier and his father has been a ‘golf ball in the hole’ of a fan during the tournament thus far. In other words, perfect. We’ll miss ya, Phil.