Al Horford to Star in New Television Series

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)

For those of you unfamiliar with the story of Hawks star Al Horford, he is the Redwood tree of an NBA bigman who’s been hogging the center position in Atlanta since 2008. Since entering the league, Horford has done little other than quietly dominate his position in every facet of the game. Like the hit TV series, American Horror Story, Horford continues to force himself into the faces of doubters and opponents.

Al Horford, American Horror Story meme.
Al Horford in American Horror Story.

As if American Horror Story commercials and constant darkened-room clown scenes weren’t enough, now we’re forced to read countless articles about Lady Gaga and blue-or-black dresses. Granted, the second is irrelevant.

Horford, however, keeps it low key. The not-quiet 7-footer has a savvy about his game that makes his overbearing in-the-paint backdown seem like a lucky plus.

It’s worth appreciating the old-school stars of today’s NBA – Tim Duncan, Al Horford, even Kobe Bryant – because not only do they make funny sports memes, but they impact the game in a way that forces us to believe one thing.. That once they’re done all we’ll be left with is an overpaid throng of misfits who refuse to play defense. To quote Bart Scott, “Can’t wait.”

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