Great Odin’s Raven, That Andre Iguodala Finger-Roll

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

The Golden State Warriors were once again making headlines yesterday when eccentric pine-rider Javale McGee handed out some warm gifts to his teammates – specifically blankets with sleeping Draymond Green’s face on them. But while I’d certainly love one of those, I was perhaps more zoned in on Andre Iguodala’s eruption last night. A performance headlined by one gorgeously delicate finger roll.



A reliable bench regular at this point in his career, ‘AI No. 2’ (there’s only one true AI) periodically shows what he’s still got – kind of like Rasheed Wallace showing us he can still windmill dunk at 40+ years old. And last night, he did it again in scoring 13 points and grabbing four rebounds, four assists, and three steals. He also shot 3-of-4 from three-point range. For another layer of icing on his recent-game cake, Iguodala has also shot roughly 59 percent from the field (16 for 27) during the past five games (note: his career field goals made percentage is 46.3)

The extended run of late has been helped by David West’s injured thumb and Draymond Green’s shoulder trouble, but with the way he’s playing we can likely expect a little more love moving forward.

Now, a throwback to the time Andre Iguodala watched Steph Curry fall to James Johnson..


Andre Iguodala watching Steph Curry get dunked on by James Johnson.
Andre Iguodala will never forget.