Antonio Brown matrix meme.

Antonio Brown Meme Day in Pittsburgh Is Glorious

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)

Antonio Brown takes the red pill, then learns Kung Fu. It was the day Antonio Brown high-kicked Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning in martial arts fashion, completely annihilating any hope for his counterpart to become a hero. Simply put, this NFL “top play” and SportsCenter highlight reel quickly took over the Internet.

But speaking of taking over the Internet, Victoria’s Secret model Nina Agdal is now flooding our screens with her emotionally risque performance suckling beer from her boyfriend’s metaphorical teet. I mean, if she wants to get down on all fours in the street while her insanely lucky and clearly entertained boyfriend pours alcoholic beverages down her throat, who am I to say no?

Honestly, if chicks this sexy are going to engage in such extremely provocative PDA with their hipster douche boyfriends, they need to just set themselves up with a booth and let every pervert on the street get a turn. Because if this is what’s happening on the street corner, what the fuck is going on behind closed doors? When you’re as hot as she is, it simply isn’t fair.

Antonio Brown matrix meme.
Antonio Brown is the one.

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