The Awful New York Giants Did Eli Manning Dirty

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

All Giants fans knew this day was coming. A day when Eli Manning wouldn’t be the man under center for the New York Football Giants. But the way the Giants went about benching their two-time Super Bowl Champion and MVP yesterday was downright sickening; the organization should be ashamed of themselves.

If I was John Mara, I would fire Jerry Reese and particularly Ben McAdoo right now. This is unbelievable. I understand there was going to be a time when the Giants would have to start looking to the future and developing a new quarterback, but Geno Smith?!?! Eugene Cyril Smith III?!?! What about rookie Davis Webb, an actual prospect? This is instead just a gigantic slap in the face of Eli Manning.


So, the Giants are telling their fans that Geno Smith, a guy who hasn’t ever had a good game in the NFL, is a better option than a rookie quarterback who was drafted to specifically take the reins from Eli? Give me a break! Giants fans don’t want to hear the bullshit that Webb isn’t ready. The NFL is changing. Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, and even DeShone Kizer were all thrown into the fire to see what they were made of and most turned out just fine. That is what the Giants should be doing. The season is over, so at least show the fans that the organization is looking toward the future. Geno, whose biggest highlight was getting his jaw broken in a fight with a Jets teammate, is not the future. Some people didn’t even know this bum was in the league, though I can’t wait until Geno tears it up and I literally eat paper.


We all know that Davis Webb is not the next coming of Joe Montana. But, we don’t even know if he’s a decent quarterback, because we’ve never seen what he can do! I have been saying this since the Giants season went down the toilet — you need to play Webb! It’s common sense! You can’t not play him and have no clue what his abilities are, go into the draft and take another quarterback. That means you have two young quarterbacks who haven’t seen any NFL action and expect them fight for the starting job. This isn’t college!


I have a funny feeling that they aren’t starting Webb, not because “he isn’t ready,” but because he is garbage, which means that the Giants wasted a draft pick on another bum. I wish the organization would just come out and say that.. give me some peace of mind before I actually go bezerk.

The Giants have said that Webb will play. But, how long until we see that? I bet we barely see any of Webb this season and have zero clue what our future quarterback situation will be.

Getting back to Eli Manning. Watching him fight back tears in the locker room press conference actually made me sad.

This guy is the Giants and probably the most professional New York sports figure since Derek Jeter despite all the criticism around his lame postgame press conferences, glorious history of GIFs, memes, dumb faces, aw-shucks attitude, and whatever else we can pile on.

Eli said that he was given the opportunity to start and respectfully declined, but I think that’s a steaming pile of orangutan shit. That was just Eli being the most professional he could be in the moment, just how he has been throughout his entire career. Eli was benched because he has regressed, it’s been the start of the end of his career and you can see it in his eyes. It’s sad.

This guy gave us two Super Bowls. I never thought I’d see one, let alone two. He always stayed in his lane and said the right stuff, no matter how lame it was at the time. We love him, we hate him, that’s New York, but we, truthfully, always loved Eli. That’s a fact.

This is not Eli’s fault. We were dealt a shitty deck of cards this season (thanks Jerry). Maybe the worst hand in the history of cards. This all falls on McApoo, Reese and the offensive line. I’m not getting into the lack of an offensive line, but I think we Giants fans can easily figure that out. No protection or time leads to a benched Eli.

This season went from bad to worse to laughing stock. However, Eli will be the starter for the Giants next season. He’s got one year left on his contract with the Giants and then he’s done. By done I mean he’ll retire. He isn’t getting traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars as some would like to predict or anywhere else. Eli is not a wanted commodity at this point. He’s a non-mobile, traditional quarterback at the end of his career. No team, no matter how good the offensive line, is going to want Eli. That’s just a fact. The Jaguars and all other teams who need a quarterback want youth, not Eli.

So, as much as the Giants organization, Benny and Reese are getting crushed, Eli is still with us one more year. This just means that the Giants are taking a quarterback in the draft. A highly graded, possible franchise quarterback. Unless Davis Webb turns out to be the guy. But with Geno starting over him, I don’t see that unfolding. Eli will be able to tutor the new incoming quarterback to get him ready for the 2019 season.

Strap in Giants fans. You think this season was bad? I think we are headed for a newly furnished condo in Sucksville. Hopefully we’re ready. #Giantspride.


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