Fantasy Football Team Names In Biggie Smalls Lyrics

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2017)

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the death of the Notorious B.I.G., Christopher Wallace, Biggie Smalls, the lyrical legend. To pay homage to the 90s’ best east coast rapper during the meat and potatoes of NFL Free Agency, we’ve put together 2017 fantasy football team names in Biggie Smalls lyrics. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries already got the tribute started with his ‘Juicy’ rendition on the House floor, and we’ll look to keep the musical ball rolling.




“Relax and Take Coates” – Could Sammie Coates be in for a comeback season or a trade? We’ll see.

“Pagin’ Me at Five Jordy Six in the Mornin'” – Green Bay Pack a dawnin’ now I’m yawnin’.

“A T-bone Wake, Brees Eggs and Golden Tate” – Say that five times fast.

“Believe me, Will Beatty, I got enough to Willie Snead the Needy” – Yes, Will Beatty is somehow still on the New York Giants.

“Hallways, Shooting Prosise All Day” – Dice, C.J. Prosise, thrice.

“So So, Caviar, Derek Carr, Uh Uh” – Oakland Raiders fans are catered to caviar every Sunday these days.

“If Darrelle Revis Between Us, We Can Settle It” – What in fact is beef?

“So We Can Steam on the Way to the Telly, Kelechi Osemele” – And Welch’s grape.

“Who they attracting with Josh Kline, what’s your name what’s your sign” – the Tennessee Titans were sold.

“We can’t change the Worilds unless we change ourselves” – Homage to retired linebacker Jason Worilds.

“Hanging Pictures on my Rawls” – Every Sunday rap attack.

“Y’all Was Grimy in the Gurley Nineties, Far Behind Me” – That’s a mouthful.

“Stores run out of Mariota from BK to QB” – This just seems to work.

“I Got the Funk Flow to Make Your Drawers Garrappolo” – The Cleveland Browns are most definitely all over this one.

“Way back, When I Had Woodhead and Black Myles Jack” – You never had both, but it’d be an interesting tandem.

“I’d Rather Will Tye on my Feet Than Live on my Jacquizz” – Biggie Smalls lyrics.

“Be Afraid, You Don’t Want Moncrief With us Chief” – An awful lot of beef in these Biggie Smalls lyrics.

“Honeybadger’s Play Me Close Like Budda Baker Play Toast” – Watch for safety Budda Baker in the 2017 NFL Draft.

“I Got a Story to Treadwell” – The rest is on you, Laquon.



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