Billy Hamilton’s Latest Insane Catch Doesn’t Help Prove He’s Human

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Remember the “no Michael Vick or Atlanta Falcons” deal you and your pals made while playing Madden 2003 and 2004? Cincinnati speedster Billy Hamilton is quickly turning himself into the baseball version of a human joystick.

Dude should be banned from video-game usage.

According to Statcast, Hamilton “reached a top speed of 22 mph, had a first-step reaction of minus-0.03 seconds — which means he was moving just before the ball was hit — and covered 123 feet with a route efficiency of 97.2 percent.” For perspective on how fast 22 mph is, Bolt averages around 23 mph during a 100-meter dash.

Mike Petriello tweet about Billy Hamilton's speed on defense.
MLB writer Mike Petriello confirms Hamilton’s statistical greatness.
At least he’s doing better than Rodney McCray..