Brandon Bass Destroying the Value of Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Brandon Bass has always been a solid tuna steak of a basketball player – a 6’8″ Louisiana product who’s gritty in the paint, a conveniently opportunistic scorer when needed, a reliable rotation player and, heck, even a first-time swimmer at age 28! I mean seriously, what CAN’T this guy do?

Brandon Bass fishing meme.
Brandon Bass could one day be catching fresh Bass.

Well, while he can certainly be the poster face for any Bass-related product or new television show, he can’t necessarily hold down the paint by himself for the lowly Los Angeles Lakers. According to SB Nation’s Silver Screen and Roll Lakers blog..

“Lakers head coach Byron Scott is trying to transition Bass into a small ball center, but it’s exposing their defense on a nightly basis. They give up a team-worst 112.8 points per 100 possessions while Bass is on the floor, according to Their defensive rating improves to 103.8 while he’s on the bench.”

If you’re Jack Nicholson (or really any dedicated purple and yellow fan), this can’t exactly spark hope for a promising near future. And it can’t be inspiring to see Byron Scott hold 2015 No. 2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell on the bench for countless fourth quarters blowouts when the guy could be piling up minutes, experience, fantasy stats and more celebrity dates. I mean, up until now, Russell’s career best is a “sparks-flying” tabloid relationship with none other than.. no, not Kim Kardashian, but you’re close.. ah, yes of course, Kendall Jenner!

But I digress. If things don’t get better for Brandon Bass, at the very least he can always become a fisherman. It just seems like the ideal fit.