Brock Osweiler Pulls Off His Best Brick Tamland

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)

Most NFL peeps know the story of 6-foot-8 financial disaster Brock Osweiler. The No. 57 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Brock (often confused with the Pokemon doctor) spent his first four seasons backing up Peyton Manning in a seemingly perfect preparation position. In 2015, he took over for the injured Papa John’s spokesperson and led Denver for most of the season – only to be replaced in the regular-season finale by Manning, who then led the Broncos to a comeback win over the then-San Diego Chargers and three straight playoff wins, the last of which was against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. During the offseason, the Houston Texans proved how impressed they were by heaving a four-year, $72 million contract at Osweiler in the 2016 offseason.

Fast forward to Brock having flamed out in both Houston (replaced by Tom fucking Savage) and Cleveland (DeShone Kizer, Kevin Hogan, shaking my head) and re-signing with his old Mile High Monsters. Hilariously, his contract with the Broncos was worth the league-minimum $775,000. This left the Browns to pay the remaining $15.2 million of Osweiler’s $16 million guaranteed. But while he’s been harmful to Cleveland’s bottom line, he’s been perhaps more dangerous to sideline dwellers.

And Cris Collinsworth’s credibility, though the on-cue timing of this disaster is nearly perfect.

But back to Brock Osweiler’s dangerous heaves..

Ron Burgundy offers his advice..

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