Broncos Hilariously Sign Brock Osweiler Because Of Course

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)

As the Broncos’ quarterback Ferris Wheel comes full circle, it looks like Browns castoff Brock Osweiler is back in the Denver fold — signing a one-year deal for the league minimum.

Paxton Lynch missing a month or more with a shoulder injury had the John Elway-led Buccos looking for a backup quarterback (Trevor Siemian being the starter) who was familiar with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s scheme. Enter Brock.

Interestingly enough, the continuously tinkering Browns will pay Osweiler $15.225 million — having owed him $16 million after his release.

A second-round pick of the Broncos in 2012, Osweiler spent his first few years backing up Peyton Manning — a quality setup some would say. That was until 2015, when he took over for the injured Peyton for most of the season only to be replaced in the regular-season finale by Manning – who then led the Broncos to a comeback win over the Chargers and three straight postseason wins, including one over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

Turns out John Elway knew about Brock Osweiler’s lack of gem the whole time and showed the NFL world by not signing him. The desperado Houston Texans cared not, throwing a four-year, $72 million contract at him in Offseason 2016.

The contrarian in me might say there’s a shot that this 6-foot-7 mammoth turns it around. But reality and history would plead otherwise. That’s if he even hits the actual field. But this story is more like the girl who dumps her loser of a boyfriend and live free for a few years, before realizing she hates her life for letting him go since she herself is too shitty to get anyone better then him. Since this is no fairy tale – he himself is no diamond in the rough – she was right to dump him in the first place. But as with most relationships between two shitty people, this one was always destined to come together again and be shitty as a couple to the end of their days. THAT, is the tale of John Elway and Brock Osweiler.

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