Carmelo Anthony meme.

Carmelo Anthony Dab Makes Young Fan’s Day

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

The Carmelo Anthony dab was endlessly written about by sports journalists this morning for the effect it had on a young kid sitting innocently in the stands at last night’s comforting New York Knicks win over the Detroit Pistons.

Ready to sub back into the game in the second quarter, Anthony saw the eager youngster sitting behind the scorer’s table and did what we’ve come to expect from “Carmelo Royale” – remember his wax museum act?

In the end, this young fan got the most important and likely memorable dab of his life. The question remains – how does Carmelo find the time and energy to dab fans when he’s running suicides and chucking threes all day? Something tells me it’s the shake weight workout we recently learned about.. and by “learned about” I mean imagined and then turned into a sports meme..

Carmelo Anthony meme.
Carmelo Anthony loves himself a sports meme.