Carmelo Anthony video game meme.

Carmelo Anthony’s Newest Video Game

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2017)

The man, the myth, the legend. Since being the third overall pick out of Syracuse in the 2003 NBA Draft, Carmelo Anthony has rocked the league with his two-step swish and affinity for taking more shots than Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa. But it’s never quite gotten him to the big one and basketball goers are beginning to whisper things around town.

Carmelo Anthony video game meme.
Carmelo Anthony gear solid.

With a playoff record of 16-36 (.308 winning percentage) – the worst ever – ‘Melo has cemented his legacy among the league’s biggest disappointments. On paper, he’s elite.. maybe even one of the best ever.. from Brooklyn. But just like when the media crippled LeBron’s accomplishments because he didn’t have a ring, Carmelo will have to bring home a trophy to convince the naysayers that he’s the real deal.

Sure he keeps scoring, making all-star teams and wearing fresh shirts at press conferences. But where’s the screaming, the motivating teammates, the running into the third row in Ron Artest fashion? At least then you could afford to charge us $175 for a nosebleed seat behind the pole.

Metal Gear Solid has solidified its spot among the great video games of our time. In similar fashion, Carmelo must carry the bare-bone Knicks to relevance again – and then smash the walls of doubt so that New York fans can once again trust their team on the frontline. To at least give it hell.

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