Carson Wentz Upon A Time Is Becoming A Real Fairy Tale

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Fresh off a real solid victory over the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz flavorfully shredded the previously undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers 34-3 like they were slow-cooked pulled pork.

Carson Wentz Upon a Time meme. (Pic:
Carson Wentz stars as Merida in Wentz Upon a Time. (Pic: Ryan Fishman)

You already knew Wentz could nail crazy paper toss tricks as a 19-year-old freshman at North Dakota State, a pretty impressive feat, and endure pool noodle whackings from football hardo Jon Gruden, an even more impressive feat..

What you didn’t realize was just how promising this young man appears to be. If we’re following the Philadelphia coaching staff’s lead, we can safely say that Wentz is a combination of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Jim Kelly, Andrew Luck, and I guess god – because why not?


But what’s really impressive is the first-year slinger’s calm, cool, collected approach under pressure. Even past rookies oozing with potential greatness faltered where Wentz has flown. Cam Newton and Andrew Luck each threw four interceptions over the course of their first three career starts, while Peyton Manning threw a whopping eight. Carson, on the flip side, has gone 3-0 with 769 yards, five touchdowns, and no interceptions.

This is also a guy who once got caught watching game film on his phone under the table during date night with his girlfriend, an occurrence that would certainly give any NFL scout the confidence to draft the smiley prospect.

On top of his emotional dedication to the sport, the dude is also tough as nails while eluding a defensive rush. He also keeps his eyes downfield and tosses perfect drops into receivers and releasing running backs’ hands..

And last, but not least, the guy has mastered the ruthlessly tough art of saying nothing.

What’s not to love?