Cartoon Pictures

Here you’ll find our somehow existential collection of funny cartoon pictures. These collages are not for the faint of heart, but will forever keep you visually entrenched in the strangeness of sports meme capabilities. First, some history.

The evolution of cartoons has been a long and twisted road. From old school Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd to Spongebob and Futurama and the weirdness of SuperJail and Adventure time, cartoons have somehow drastically changed while also staying exactly the same. Even the current iterations of South Park and Family Guy look distinctly different from their original selves, without any real aesthetic changes.

Upgraded graphics technology means that these artists probably haven’t really changed anything themselves in decades.

What has changed is the content of these cartoon pictures.

Gone are the days where short bald men run around with hunting rifles are trying to kill anthropomorphic animals – anthropomorphic animals who would employ horrifically more violent tactics to defend themselves. Wacky slapstick humor has been modernized. Just look at the vaguely implied self parody of SpongeBob, where adult humor is subtly interspersed with absurd antics by, again, anthropomorphic sea creatures and one talking squirrel in a space suit.

The hand drawn, wacky visuals of the Looney Toons and plot elements of Hey Arnold or Dexter’s Lab have been replaced by the utter insanity of things like Robot Chicken or Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Mainstays are the parodies of real life – Simpsons, Griffins, SouthPark Dwellers and more still offer varying levels of commentary on life in contemporary society. South Park offers vicious takes on current issues or events, while Family Guy gives us a look into the life of the true “Dumb American.”

And of course, American Dad Gives us Rodger. Seth MacFarlane’s work may be inspired and/or lifted from Airplane, Mel Brooks and Disney, but he did give us Roger. For that, we thank him.

Rajon Rondo cartoon pictures meme.

Pau Gasol cartoon pictures meme.
Pau Gasol makes cartoon pictures whole.
Danica Patrick cartoon pictures meme.
Danica Patrick hasn’t heard of cartoon pictures.
Paul George cartoon pictures meme.
Paul George makes his own cartoon pictures.
Joe Flacco cartoon pictures meme.
Joe Flacco is looking at tons of cartoon pictures these days.

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