Rotoworld Is Back To Annihilate Christian Hackenberg

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)

When Jeff Fisher was fired roughly two weeks ago, one fantasy sports-focused news site was there to verbally destroy the once-overrated coach. Today, with news of Ryan Fitzpatrick starting over wasted second-round pick Christian Hackenberg being released, Rotoworld was back to ice the cake with this passionate shot.

Christian Hackenberg Rotoworld update. (Pic: Rotoworld)
Rotoworld doesn’t take too kindly to Christian Hackenberg’s lack of promise. (Pic: Rotoworld)

The Jets need to start Christian Hackenberg against the Bills in the season finale, plain and simple. So what if he completed 11-of-31 passes for 54 yards in the preseason finale (yes, an average of 2 yards per attempt against a defense sitting all its starters in said preseason finale), was a fringe prospect with less accuracy than Disney’s version of Pocahontas entering the 2016 NFL Draft, and only ever showed promise with receiver Allen Robinson and coach Bill O’Brien by his side at Penn State.

Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles owe it to themselves, the New York Jets, the fans, and Hackenberg himself to start the rookie passer. Especially considering the fact that Dak Prescott was picked two rounds later..