Clay Matthews’ New Fabio Hair Commercial

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

Having starting the balding process at the age of 16, I can’t help but respect the likes of Clay Matthews and Fabio. They bask in the potential to use a brush at any time. As in most of their pics, Old Spice sets the stage for a classy and athlete-graced finish, but the disturbing stare into the camera and the visual stench of cliché keeps the idea of deodorant that much more important.

Clay Matthews has carved himself into Green Bay Packers lore for good, but only a funny hygiene commercial can toss his name into the celebrity record books.

Whether he becomes the next great sports meme or television star, Matthews will always be shadowed by the hair competition with Fabio. With no way to decide which cut is more heinous, we’ll turn to deodorant for help.


Clay Matthews being Fabio.
Clay Matthews being Fabio.

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