Dodgers fans excited for 2016 because Corey Seager

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

The Corey Seager experience

Almost four months have passed since the Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the New York Mets, led by Jacob deGrom’s hair, in the 2016 National League Division Series. The team that replaced the Brooklyn Dodgers in New York and took a bit of our Blue for their own left me, yet again, face down on my hardwood floor wondering where it all went wrong for LA..




There is little that can make a fan pull himself up, wipe off the drool, and legitimately look forward to next year, but the Dodgers have just that little bit in rookie shortstop Corey Seager. It was love at first sight after the rookie’s first beautifully swung big league bomb..



The younger brother of Kyle Seager, with (God-willing) the same power and a better average, Corey (’s top prospect) got his big league start this past September. He went on to set a Dodgers franchise record, getting on base safely in his first 16 starts and finishing his 27 games with a .425 on base percentage, .337 average, and four home runs – the kind of production that makes me like..




“27 games is nothing. The Dodgers are nothing. Seager is nothing.” – You being that guy

Don’t be that guy..

I know it’s a small sample size, but it’s all we have so BACK OFF AND GO BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO, YA JERK! Sorry…force of habit.

In a game where nothing is certain, we have a young shortstop who’s projected to be good with a chance of being great right out of the gate. How long before we move him to second, make him an All Star and trade him to the Miami Marlins is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, I’m off the floor, back on my couch, and Seager’ly waiting for the 2016 MLB season’s first pitch.


Corey Seager meme Cider House Rules.
Corey Seager as Homer Wells in Cider House Rules.


Quote of the week: “..You have to forgive people at some point. I believe that. We built Richard Nixon a library.” – Doc Rivers on forgiving Blake Griffin for last week’s punching incident.