Cricket 2017: Australia Beats India, But ‘Entangled Crotch Moment’ Wins The Day

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)

For those unfamiliar with cricket, it can be a struggle to get on board and really have any idea what’s going on. But once you’ve given it a chance and wiggled your way into the comforts of the international baseball-like phenomenon that is cricket, it’s quite wonderful.

Yesterday was an example of that, as we saw Australia’s epically average-named Steve Smith and teammate Glenn Maxwell absolutely dominate India. In an effort to slow them down – amidst the 299-4 trouncing – India tried every trick in the book and eventually engaged in one strange and determined, yet perfectly shareable moment.

India Keeper Wriddhiman Saha did everything he could to pull the ball (balls may be more fitting here) from the wedge between Smith’s legs. Saha’s attempt to claim the catch off an already dead ball had umpire Ian Gould chuckling. Despite the ball lodged between Smith’s legs, Saha felt determined to shoot for the impossible. Lodged, you say?

Thanks for the memories, Saha, even though they weren’t so great. 

h/t WankhedeReturns

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