Damian Lillard Becoming The Real NBA Everyman

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

There’s a lot to know about two-time NBA All-Star point guard Damian Lillard. In nearly five seasons, the former Rookie of the Year has ferociously transformed a Portland Trail Blazers squad once stuck in purgatory into something worth watching, mastered the art of actually interviewing other basketball players, and cemented himself as the best rapper in the NBA.



And while I truly can’t stand the narcissistic, approval-seeking ground that Conan O’Brian walks on, his lovely interview of Lillard shows the world just how wonderful the quiet-away-from-the-mic baller is.



We used to think Jae Crowder was the NBA’s everyman, but times have changed. Music and elite balling clearly aren’t Dame’s only talents, though the question concerning what’s next still lingers. Time to speculate.

Becoming a horror novelist or honing his journalism skills seem like real possibilities for Damian, though I suspect he’ll end up in Hollywood (or Hollyweed if you’re into New Year’s Eve pranks). A-list actor? Maybe not. Cameo in the third Sin City movie? You better believe it.

We even got it started..


Damian Lillard Sin City Meme. (Pic: Ryan Fishman)
Damian Lillard in the future, shooting a scene in the third Sin City film. (Pic: Ryan Fishman)


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