David Wright and Lucas Duda Meme.

Uh Oh, David Wright Is Injured Once Again

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

And just like that David Wright is down once again due to an impingement in his right shoulder, reports MLB.com. General Manager Sandy Alderson indicates that this may not be too serious – “What’s happening here is that the muscles around the shoulder have not re-engaged since the surgery,” Alderson said. “That’s taking more time than anticipated.” But now we face a harsh reality, as does David. After five years of injury riddled frustration, his back has had enough. I’m no longer sure there’s a happy MLB ending for this former star.

The once-heralded swinger has to realize at this point that pretty much every injury he gets will be the result of his spinal stenosis, which doesn’t seem to be getting any better – though truthfully what the hell do I know about osteology. What I do know is that his journey is crippling him, as well as the New York Mets. And it’s hard to say fans aren’t getting impatient.


David Wright and Lucas Duda Meme.
David Wright should Duda right thing and retire.


As Tim Tebow and his high-selling jersey can confirm, there’s something to be said for determination and an unwillingness to give up one’s dream. I respect and admire Wright for continuing to fight, and have always loved him as a ballplayer and Mets third baseman, though at this point – despite having depth at the hot corner with Jose Reyes, Wilmer Flores and potentially TJ Rivera – it may be in David’s best interest to call it quits following five straight years of injury trouble (75 games missed over the past two seasons combined due to the stenosis and surgery for a herniated disk in his neck). Think of the team, David!

This isn’t the end we wanted for David Wright, but it hurts more to see this yearly disappointment kill him over and over. I know it’s tough to give up a dream, but David has a future away from baseball and needs to explore that – coaching, sports commentating, underwater basket weaving, whatever. Wright’s $67 million guaranteed over the next four seasons is exactly that; guaranteed. So he’s taken care of there (though the Mets have recouped some of it via an insurance policy). If he retired, he would save the team roughly $20 million – only a tad more than what they still owe Bobby Bonilla through 2035! Sounds like progress.

For now, I’ll leave this in Stewie Griffin’s able hands..