Eddie Lacy is actually no longer fat?

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)

It looks like Eddie Lacy has finally listened to the literally everywhere critics (mainly Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy) and viciously tossed aside the extra layer(s) of fat that kept him from seeing substantial playing time in 2015.

Lacy entered last season as a rising superstar at the tailback position, but would end up spending the year battling injuries, getting benched for uselessness and missing curfew, and of course setting disastrously significant lows in every running back category (758 yards rushing, three touchdowns, and only 187 rushing attempts through 15 games played).


Eddie Lacy skinny picture. (Photo: @journalsentinel)
Eddie Lacy looking like a rookie again. (Photo: @journalsentinel)


Lacy’s low-to-the-ground, moose-like running style has always complemented his borderline-excessive mass (somewhere in the 234 to 242-pound range) since his days in Tuscaloosa. However, the 5-foot-11 Lacy spent the 2015 NFL season stoically standing on the imaginary line between thick and obese. In my recent 2016 NFL Mock Draft, I even suggested that the Packers should consider taking Richard Simmons or any qualified trainer to ensure a fit Lacy this coming season. Looks like the former Alabama star is inspirationally taking matters into his own hands.

For doubters out there – those who believe he’s one all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet away from slipping back into pig territory – keep in mind that this is Lacy’s contract year. He’ll come to play, though given the weight issues he’s had in only three seasons, it’s very possible he inks a hefty free-agent contract with some desperate team and butter-rolls back to his old ways.