Eric Decker Welcomes New York with Fur Coats

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2017)

Welcome to New York, Eric Decker. Are elaborate fur coats in your future, as they were in Joe Namath’s? It’s looking good.


Eric Decker fur coat meme.
Eric Decker is Broadway Decker.


But can Eric really make a difference on this beleaguered and potentially misguided New York Jets offense? Only time will tell, though I can at least confirm that he pulls off the Broadway Joe look quite well. And let’s be honest, looking the part is half the battle.

I presume we’ll be seeing the hot rod Decker flying down the West Side Highway with a fake fur coat (because he loves the animals!) and Jessie James tossing cash out the window for those lucky enough to be present at the time.

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