Klay Thompson shatters competition in three-point contest victory

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

Klay Thompson rarely gets any shine with perfect teammate Steph Curry clogging up all the air time these days – that was until ‘Every kiss begins with Klay Thompson’ finished the final round of the 2016 NBA Dunk Contest with 27 points to destroy his fellow Golden State assassin at jewelry-studded All-Star Weekend.

Curry was pretty much the expected winner, considering he set the NBA single-season record with 286 three-pointers last year and is already at 245 with 30 games remaining this season. But Klay, a man of few words and too many jump shots, thought it’d be awesome if he got love for a change. Maybe a three-point victory, rather assault, would help.

Look, we already know that Michael Jordan endorses the Golden State Warriors – Jordan reportedly told Klay to “go ahead and break the record.” We also know that the Cali franchise was once horrendous when it came to anything basketball related, mainly giving high fives.

Now on the verge of shattering records, expectations, and the sports meme game, the Warriors have officially made it.

Every kiss begins with Klay Thompson meme.
Klay Thompson is rising fast.