Fred Jackson meme.

Fred Jackson Becomes “Outkast” in Buffalo

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

You can’t predict the weather, Fred Jackson.

Fred Jackson meme.
Fred Jackson isn’t on Rex Ryan’s wish list.

Longtime Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson, who would have “done anything to retire with Bills,” has been cut.. bring on the Buffalo tears.

The wind beneath his team’s wings for 75 or so NFL seasons, 34-year-old Fred Jackson has kept his forever-mediocre squad relevant by tearing through younger defenders and inspiring underdogs everywhere. Injuries and years never slowed him down. Instead, it took a loud and annoying defensive coordinator masquerading as an awful head coach who we once respected to drop him just like that.

Damn you, Sexy Rexy. How are you gonna do a legend like that when the man would literally move cities just to retire here? Where’s loyalty anymore? Figured you were better than that, Rex.

Who gives a shit about salary, age, injuries and a depth chart flood at running back? Fred Jackson was the “Bill for life” type, set to call it quits when he was ready to leave the epic chill of Buffalo. Not when they told him to.

Let’s be real. This is typical Rex – coming in and making 34 unnecessary splashes (IK Enemkpali anyone?) just to make some noise and cement his presence, for good or bad. It was fun when you first did it with the deprived New York Jets, but now it’s just getting old.

Something tells me this blabbermouth neanderthal already has a LeSean McCoy tattoo on the only empty butt cheek left – assuming he already covered the other one with Sammy Watkins’ epic braces picture or a list of his fears.

In the end, Fred Jackson may have the last laugh – as he’s reportedly headed to the mighty, possibly still-championship-bound Seattle Seahawks to reunite with Beast Mode. Not bad.


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