Funniest NFL Draft Moments Of All Time

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

For most football fanatics, the NFL is an emotional year-round investment despite only 6 months of actual officiated pigskin tossing. While the postseason and Super Bowl act as the last-leg journey to the peak of gridiron success, April’s college draft serves as a hope-inducing restart for 32 NFL team engines and their fans. And with it comes a collection of tears, hugs, and the funniest NFL Draft moments ever.

As most blogs flood readers with superfluous iterations of “here’s another 2017 NFL Mock Draft” – including our own one-shot joke version of this year’s – we mostly enjoying mocking the draft. With the 2017 NFL Draft closer than a two-week vacation away, we scrubbed the record books for the strangest, oddest, most downright colorful moments in history.

The Roger Goodell and Dontari Poe Love Story:

Roger Goodell has been hugging more and more first-round NFL draft picks as the years since 2007 have passed, but this one got a little out of control. Breath mints and prenups, for the win.

Jalen Ramsey and Dante Fowler Dress To Impress:

Nobody has attacked fashion or style with the ferocity of a Deion Sanders since, well, Prime Time himself. But Florida outside linebacker Dante Fowler and Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey turned back the clock and put on quite the show, landing them a cemented spot on the funniest NFL Draft moments ever.

Jameis Winston is Almost Famous:

When Florida State‚Äôs Jameis Winston said he’d NOT be attending the draft, I thought he’d hang at home with friends and fam. Instead, Winston evidently dreamed of being Meryl Streep and enjoyed his own red carpet event.

Marcus Mariota’s Draft Day Wear:

Oregon quarterback and top prospect Marcus Mariota decided to stay in his native Hawaii for the draft, where he was flooded with flowers and love – and probably challenged by Dwayne the Bartender.

Random New Orleans Saints Fan Remains Unemotional:

Alright let’s calm down, kid.

Josh Scobee’s Lasting Memory:

Kickers don’t forget.

Kevin White Promotes Himself:

No. 3, another NFL bust?

Eli Manning’s Fake Smile:

I’d like to take a shot, Alex. Is the answer “What is spoiled?” [Enter all the screaming New York Giants fans]

When Bill Tobin Took Zero Shit From Mel Kiper Jr:

Agreed, Bill. Fuck off, Mel. Easily among the funniest NFL Draft moments, as Mel Kiper rarely deserves anything more than a good jab.

Will Ferrell Prepares Ryan Kalil For The 2007 NFL Draft:

Will Ferrell is a maximizer of potential.

Maurkice Pouncey Makes Out With His Brother:

True love with NFL brother Mike, bro.

Ezekiel Elliott Competes For Top Crop Top:

Raindrops, crop tops (drop top).

Agent Jumps With Fam:

When Germain Ifedi got picked No. 31 by the Seahawks, he and his group (and agent) jumped and jumped. Epically.

Denard Robinson Gets Photo Bombed:

“My man” – Denzel Washington.

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