James Dolan Shows Disgusted Fan He Is Still A Miserable Asshole

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

It has come to my attention that James Dolan, owner and proprietor of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and Madison Square Garden was involved in a verbal confrontation with a New York Knicks fan outside the arena this week.

The fan, a 15-year season ticket holder, chirped Dolan as he walked by, suggesting that he should “Sell the team.” Most billionaire moguls would probably hear that and laugh it off, ignore him, or maybe, if they’re feeling really risque’, flip him the middle finger as they walk away.


[gif courtesy of Porzingis Almanack]

Not our boy Dolan. This angry little elf got right in the customer’s face; screaming at him, cursing him out, accusing him of being drunk (pot meet kettle), and telling him there’s no way he’s getting into the arena. Security did in fact follow this SEASON TICKET HOLDER, until he was able to shake them off and go inside.

Today, a spokesperson for Dolan released a statement, accusing the Fan, YES, the FAN, of being “Way out of line” and exhibiting “unacceptable behavior.” See below.

“As Jim clearly stated, no one should come to an event at The Garden feeling as though it’s OK to be verbally abusive or disrespectful to anyone — including the owner of the arena — and not expect to be told that their behavior is unacceptable. This fan was completely out of line last night and does not like the fact that he was told he was out of line, and so has chosen to spend the day Tweeting away looking for his 15 minutes of fame.”


Awww. Poor baby billionaire has a dump in his pants? Go fuck yourself, Dolan. That man is your paying customer. “Out of line” would be spitting, or throwing his beer on you. Not telling you he dislikes your product. Newsflash, that’s called consumer feedback, and it’s widely accepted… EVERYWHERE. I’d imagine you would want to sue Yelp if people could give the New York Knicks 1-star reviews?

The only person I hate more than James Dolan in this situation is the spokesperson. I recognize that MSG Employees have to toe the Dolan line, and I recognize his spokesperson is just doing that job – but for the love of god, have some self respect friend. Get another job. Any job. Literally any job. Being the spokesperson for Jim Dolan has got to be the worst fucking job on the face of the earth. There has to be something better you can do with your time.

Dolan not only owes this guy (and all Knicks fans) an apology – he owes the guy a few years of season tickets as well.

Get to it you worthless sack of shit. In the meantime, here’s a much-needed sports meme of Mindaugas Kuzminskas on television.


Mindaugas Kuzminskas meme. (Pic: <a href="http://ryan.hasaportfolio.com/">RKFishman</a>)
Ever wonder what Mindaugas Kuzminskas thinks of James Dolan? (Pic: RKFishman)

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