Why James Harrison Works Out In A Sweatsuit

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

James Harrison is kind of like the amphetamine of the NFL. Regardless of substance – which there’s always plenty of – the linebacker’s words just get us jacked up and ready to shatter large pottery and smack running backs every single time.

And while few’d question him or his approach to life (or his godly, age-defying workouts), questions have been sneaking in about why the longtime Pittsburgh Steelers destroyer wears a full sweat suit while taking down the gym two or six barbells at a time. A guy who once tried to film his NFL drug test, Harrison fittingly took to the camera to enlighten his anxiously curious followers while effortlessly yet soakingly benching 225..

Why all the questions @jhharrison92 ??

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Harrison notes, the whole reason he wears sweats is to protect fellow gym goers from his enormous arms. “The whole reason I wear a sweatsuit to workout is so they can’t see my arms..”

“I don’t want to discourage people who come in here to work out, just because my arms are so damn big!”

Photograph of James Harrison's arms. (Pic: SteelersSage)

James Harrison shows off his boulders. (Pic: SteelersSage)

Fair. Respectable. Compassionate. And an arm-wrestling champion. Now that he’s closing in on Bruce Smith’s late-career sacks record, there’s not much Harrison isn’t capable of.

I figured he was gripping tightly to the probably false “more you sweat, more calories you burn” mantra, but this is excruciatingly better.

A lot of yelling, sweating, bruising. Welcome to James Harrison’s life where we all hope to learn just a little more greatness each day.