James Johnson Absolutely Posterized Steph Curry Last Night

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

Say what you want about Steph Curry, the man can ball a bit. But in spending so much pregame time learning to spin the basketball on his finger from the legendary Harlem Globetrotters, he seemingly forgot to worry about protecting himself during the actual game.

Enter eager Miami Heat power forward James Johnson.



Andre Iguodala’s face pretty much tells the story here as he watches his star guard fall flat on his face.


Photo of Steph Curry getting dunked on by James Johnson (Pic: CSN Bay Area)
Steph Curry tries preparing for impact. (Pic: CSN Bay Area)


Picture of Andre Iguodala watching Steph Curry get dunked on.
The moment Andre Iguodala saw Steph Curry fall.


Can’t win them all, and thankfully Steph took it all in stride with a little post at his own humorous expense. Part of becoming a star is knowing when to bow out. For Curry, getting flattened was a much needed defeat – one he’ll certainly learn from the next time a 6-foot-8 bruiser comes bruising down the lane.

At least he’ll get another poster.