Jordan Leggett's Patriots tweet. (@barstoolsports)

Jets Draft Pick Jordan Leggett Requests A Patriots Photoshop

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Let’s get something clear from the jump: I’m a Giants fan. That said, I’m also a red-blooded New Yorker; I do have a certain amount of love reserved for the New York Jets and other Gotham teams secondary to my own, barring the Brooklyn Nets. So when I see the Jets’ just-drafted 5th-round pick Jordan Leggett immediately tweet out a request for someone to photoshop him in a New England Patriots jersey, “for the Gram,” my blood begins to boil.


Jordan Leggett's Patriots tweet. (@barstoolsports)
Jordan Leggett’s first drop. (h/t Barstool Sports)


You’re a 5th round pick, and scouts say you’re lazy. Where the fuck do you get off talking shit like that?

It’s barely even a fanhood thing. It’s about professionalism. If you just got hired to work at McDonalds, you wouldn’t hang a big banner of you wearing a Burger King uniform would you?

I can think of no faster way to piss off your teammates, coaches, front office, and fanbase. The Jets are no shining beacon of football awesomeness, but they deserve more respect than this low-rent schmuck tossing shade at the team drafting him before he even gets to the rookie symposium.

Newsflash Jordan, you stupid shitbag – THEY didn’t “get YOU.” That’s what happens to 1st-3rd round picks. THEY gave YOU a CHANCE to play in the NFL.

You should be thanking your lucky stars for the Jets deciding to give you a shot, not begging for Patriot dreams. You just got yourself into the fast lane for first cuts at training camp. I hope you have some skills because otherwise you’ll find yourself in the aforementioned McDonalds dilemma come September.


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