Jim Boeheim video game meme.

Jim Boeheim Watches His Sports Meme Go Viral

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

Contributing post from @mad_cheddar, the demiurgic creator of viral gem “Operation Jim Boeheim,” speaking about the inspiration, motivation and resulting glory behind this Operation Boeheim piece. 

Operation Jim Boeheim Meme.
Operation Jim Boeheim.

“We all know how wonderful Jim Boeheim is as source material. My colleague actually alerted me of the Jim Boeheim meme craze that erupted online. Figured I should probably give it a go. I certainly didn’t expect it to end up on ESPN and actually didn’t find out that it was featured anywhere until about six months later when I noticed something strange.

I originally just shared the meme with co-workers and uploaded it to Imgur so I could easily share the link. When I saw that Operation Boeheim had 11K views, I thought it was cool without realizing the meme was actually linked in Eamonn Brennan’s ESPN article.. quoted as his favorite.

I think the article posted in late February and I found out in May or so, at least a few months later than when the meme had been featured in ESPN. I was pretty stoked. Especially since Eamonn mentioned Operation Boeheim as his top-dog meme.

I guess it takes an appreciation of ’80s arcade games and to be old like me to remember “Operation Wolf.” I don’t know. I’m 34 and was surprised that it connected to the degree it did. Kids these days and all.

I had a few other hits after that. I did the Lance blowing on Lebron’s cramp meme before the finals. Of course like a knucklehead I didn’t water mark it. It ended up everywhere; Newspapers. The Source. UpRoxx. I mean, to be honest with you, nothing is cooler than being in The Source for me. I remember the Source Awards when I was 12, seeing Biggie make and proceed to dominate the cover. It’s just the coolest thing ever for me, having been featured in The Source.

I was totally blown away by the amount of retweets on Operation Boeheim. People lifting it. That getting Rt’d a thousand times. It was everywhere, man. I did an image search and the Lebron cramp thing is on thousands of websites worldwide. Still, though. Just being in The Source was cool enough for me. You know you’ve arrived when The Source is on top of your sports memes. At least you used to know. Ha ha. I’m old.”

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