Jon Gruden Returns As Raiders Coach + THE FUCKING BILLS!

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

The Buffalo. Motherfucking. Bills. Who woulda thunk it? In my entire life of watching and loving the game of football, I’ve never actually watched the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs.

Even as a still pissed off New York Giants fan, I couldn’t be more excited. #BillsMafia is one of the most electrifying organizations in all of sports. Nobody outside the WWE has ever been this obsessed with throwing people through folding tables.

The Bills Mafia is so dangerous at a tailgate that the city of Jacksonville is refusing to allow the sale of folding tables to people with out-of-state IDs.

I just want to see Tyrod Taylor take this Bills squad into Foxborough and destroy the entire legacy of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, a road ESPN has already begun paving. Then nothing will be standing in the way of their Super Bowl, and vindication for this guy, assuming he’s still alive..

Since the Giants were clearly not beating the Green Bay Packers in 2016, this is definitely the most excited I’ve been for the NFL postseason since the Giants 2011-12 playoff run. Here’s to watching a bunch of Western New Yorkers destroying themselves in the Jags parking lot this weekend. Go Bills.

Monday Night Football will suffer sans Jon Gruden

So it finally happened. Jon Gruden and his trusted “Spider 2 Y Banana” got out of the broadcast booth and back to the sideline. Ultimately, it hurts – Monday Night Football, which is already usually pretty bad, will now be without Gruden. I’m not sure I can watch a game without Gruden telling me that both of the starting quarterbacks are his favorite quarterback in the league, or breaking down every play like he wishes he was still in the film room.

Most importantly, Gruden loves football more than 99.9 percent of living creatures love their children. I’ve been conditioned the last several years to enjoy the game more via his intense, overbearing love for it. With much, much less enthusiastic booth talent going forward, I fear Monday Night Football will start trending towards Thursday Night Football – in other words, awful.


It’ll be interesting to see Gruden coaching again. Was his Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl a gift from Tony Dungy, or is a guy who hasn’t coached since 2009 really worth $10 million a year for the next decade (the longest coaching deal in NFL history)? We’ll find out soon enough.

Gruden. Raiders. Vegas. Be there or be a fan of a playoff team.

Cover photo h/t @NFL

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