Jonas Gray, Not to be Confused with Jonas Grey

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

When former New England Patriots running back Jonas Gray scored four touchdowns in a single game last season, he probably felt like he would live for 100 years. He thought he’d sign a multi-year multimillion dollar contract with some guaranteed money, score some goal line touchdowns, have a few 100-yard games, win a Super Bowl with terrific Tom Brady, and basically live the dream.

Not a week later he was tied to Bill Belichick’s proverbial (literal?) bondage bed with his pants around his ankles, never to play a significant down for New England again.


Jonas Gray meme.
Jonas Gray is fifty shades of cut.


Where Jonas Gray’s been…

Naturally most remember Gray as the 201-yard, four-touchdown gamer for the Pats who burst onto the scene almost as fast as he faded, who despite being released by the Dolphins yesterday is reportedly coming back to the Dolphins’ practice squad.

Others remember a promising running back tip-toeing the sidelines and pummeling defenders at Notre Dame. While I doubt anyone in their right mind would want to watch a 27-minute scouting video of Gray and his golden helmet.

Gray went undrafted in the 2012 NFL Draft.


If you read his biography (aka anything you find on search engines), there are things in there about getting cut, missing final cuts and perspiring. It seems like a great story of a unknown tailback making it big. But then we see Gray, once he’d become famous of course, arrive late to a Bill Belichick practice. Gray was benched, and it shortly after looked like Belichick made sure Gray never starred on the Patriots again.

Fifty Shades of Grey has been reported to be an awful film, not surprisingly. But we still believe Jonas Gray can be a solid-enough backup to the fourth-string running back, which on the NFL spectrum might not seem like a lot, but is nationally a respectable position.