Josh Smith the Game meme.

Josh Smith Knows How to Play The Music Game

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2017)

Josh Smith really does look like The Game. Remember that dude – “Hate it or Love it

While we’re on the topic of rappers.. remember 8 Mile? Of course you do; it’s a great movie! But can we stop and talk for a second about how Papa Doc went on to become one of the Marvel (now Disney) Avengers? Oh, and how Josh Smith looks like The Game. Seriously, look at the proof below.

This guy and his shitty rapper friends got smacked down by Eminem and then he gets the last laugh being the freakin Falcon? This guy gets to chill with Captain America, what could be better? Put that in your Cranbrook Yearbook and smoke it.

Pretty ascendant acting career, right? Our boy Anthony Mackie went from chillin’ with Lotto and Lickety Split to getting punched in the face by Paul Rudd and doing Mushrooms with Seth Rogen.

We’re just waiting for the Captain America: Civil War movie to drop so we can hear Scarlett Johansson ask: “What the fuck is Papa Doc from 8-Mile doing here?” And now, a picture of Josh Smith on The Game’s album cover.


Josh Smith the Game meme.
Josh Smith plays The Game.