(Pic: Deadspin)

Julian Edelman Has Hilarious Exchange With Referee

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

You have to love tiny little white guys who manage to make legitimate NFL careers for themselves in a game where gargantuan psychopaths are flying all over the place trying to rip their heads off. It’s a simple combination of mental toughness, work ethic, and half-jewish ancestry. Enter Julian Edelman.


Photo of Julian Edelman leaping into the end zone (Pic: <a href="http://deadspin.com/">Deadspin</a>).
Julian Edelman is soaring into the hearts of comedy lovers (Pic: Deadspin).


But Julian Edelman is a unique case, using rare leaping ability and the occasional “slept with a stranger” headline to garner some attention and throw NFL fans for a loop. He’s even been called an “off-brand Tom Brady” in the way he does everything Tom does, but in a less awesome way. That was until he got into a discussion with a referee during the AFC Divisional Round Houston Texans-New England Patriots game and shattered all expectations with the most honest, amusing, real answer ever – a level of comedy Brady hasn’t reached since he was the hilarious, yet unsuspecting victim of fake 1920s reporter Scoops Callahan.



The volume quality is less than stellar, but Edelman is quoted as saying “I know I get so defensive, my therapist yells at me for that” in response to the referee asking him to stop pushing off. And for that, we can officially say thank you to the mic’d up-hungry¬†Inside the NFL¬†crew.