Julio Jones’ Hard Knock Life in Atlanta

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)

All it took was 4 total wins last season for the Falcons to become juicy prime rib for this year’s ‘Hard Knocks’ series. Bravo, HBO, for getting it done and grabbing Julio Jones’ talented unit. Only time will tell what the Atlanta Falcons can offer us. Five weeks on camera is sure to have this low-key team thinking outside the box.

In conclusion, however, nothing can beat 2010, when people were eating goddamn snacks and forgetting their kids’ names. It’ll be a challenge for the feisty red birds to come back and put to rest all the love for the Jets on Hard Knocks. Maybe Jay-Z can help a bit, as Julio and Mike Smith look to release their first album.


Julio Jones hard knock life meme.
Julio Jones lives the opposite of a hard knock life.

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