Kit Harrington Infiniti Commercial meme.

Kit Harrington Infiniti Commercial Makes No Sense

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2017)

I’m not sure what universe I’m living in, but I’m pretty sure the world is losing its collective mind.¬†This is not to say I’m not obsessed with Game of Thrones to the point that its unhealthy. I am.

There was once a time when famous people were used to promote brands as themselves – rarely if ever have you seen a fictional character promoting a real life product, so why in the name of f&*% is Jon Snow – Kit Harrington selling an Infiniti?

Make no mistake – he may be talking about cars and wearing a trendy jacket, but that is Jon Snow slash Kit Harrington. Look at the fucking hair. Since when does a dude who rides a horse in the snow know shit about cars?

Kind of like how his in-show best friend and real life co-star, Kristofer Hivju, is the spokesman of Wyndham Resorts’ commercials for everything to their ski places to beaches.

That man plays (on both GoT and the commercials), a goddamn barbarian warlord with a red beard down to his chest and people are taking advice from him on where to vacation?

Madness. Madness and stupidity. Sparta. The sick part is, these commercials probably are record-performers for the brands.

Kit Harrington Infiniti Commercial meme.
Kit Harrington knows what it takes to make it as a car.

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