Chasson Randle Is The Hero Knicks Need Right Now

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Strange news to hit the depressing Big Apple wire today, as the New York Knicks have simultaneously waived Brandon Jennings, lost waste of crap Joakim Noah to knee surgery (shocker) and signed exciting 24-year-old guard Chasson Randle to join a dreadful backcourt.



An offseason wasted on Noah, Derrick Rose (could he be the next cut?) and Courtney Lee leaves the Knicks seemingly ready to destroy their current crew. Yet even amidst a torrential season of failure, the Bockers were 24-35 and only four games behind eighth-place Detroit entering their tonight’s game.

This is a blessing for all involved. Jennings gets to sign with a playoff team (since he was waived before the March 1 deadline) and the Knicks can turn the young page. Still lingers is Noah’s excruciating four-year, $72 million contract. He honestly may never play again, damnit, and I’d be happy with it.