Kyle Busch Fights Joey Logano After NASCAR Race

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Despite lifelong beliefs to the contrary, it’s probably not in one’s best interest to call NASCAR boring at this point. Kyle Busch might just try to knock you out for it and fail like he did Joey Logano yesterday.



Thanks to on-track contact between Busch and Logano on the last lap of Sunday’s Kobalt 400 – which led to a 22nd-place finish for Busch and a fourth-place finish for Logano – the former decided to trot over to his opponent and calmly throw a sucker punch at him.

It seems no sport is safe from athletes’ ubiquitous urge to knock someone out, especially after a couple NASCAR drivers probably spent the previous night watching Death Race. The original from 1975.

Despite their best efforts, these car racers have nothing on hockey.



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