Laremy Tunsil taking it easy before the 2016 NFL Draft.

Laremy Tunsil Hangs With Afroman At 2016 NFL Draft

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Laremy Tunsil’s tumble to the Miami Dolphins at 13 will likely be the only story that matters when the 2016 NFL Draft is done, especially after someone hacked his Twitter account to post a video of him evidently smoking pot through a gas-mask bong.

Meme of Laremy Tunsil taking it easy before the 2016 NFL Draft.
Laremy Tunsil taking it easy before the 2016 NFL Draft.

Once the consensus No. 1 pick and a “guaranteed” top-10er, Tunsil saw two offensive lineman go ahead of him – Ronnie Stanley at No. 6 by the Baltimore Ravens and Jack Conklin at No. 8 by the Tennessee Titans – costing him millions of dollars and tons of even-more-awkward camera time. Per Forbes..

“Had Tunsil been chosen in place of Stanley, his maximum projected salary would have been approximately $20.4 million, compared to the $12.4 million he will receive from the Dolphins – a drop of more than $7 million! That includes a drop in guaranteed signing bonus from $13.1 million at No. 6 to $7.2 million at No. 13.”

To make things worse (or better if you appreciate honesty), text messages were also released with concerning dialogue between Tunsil and his Ole Miss coaches regarding money. Laremy Tunsil then admitted to taking money from Ole Miss coaches. We’ll give him credit for telling the truth, though ESPN’s Todd McShay seemingly won’t. Damned if you do, right?

But while he may have “gotten hacked,” there are few naive doubts out there that the images are in fact Tunsil. Or could it actually be Joseph Foreman? Judge those fingers for yourself..



However, Tunsil’s epic refusal to acknowledge Suzy Kolber’s questions about said video was refreshing, his clear “I’ll show them” fire motivating. Only time will tell if Tunsil can stop hanging around Afroman and actually start dedicating his life 247 percent to professional football. If he can, the ‘Fins just got one helluva steal in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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