2017 NBA Trade Rumors + Epic Reactions

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Like the forum dwellers who drool over sports memes and years-old highlights, such as myself, 2017 NBA trade rumors merge to form a collection of click-bate speculation. They’re usually juicy headlines, but most lack the actual confirmation from actual team personnel or players that would nail them as anything but alternative facts. Here are the latest trade rumors with glorious reactions to each.




Latest 2017 NBA Trade Rumors


Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony

This is essentially just the trade of a never-ending sports meme for James Bond’s richest body double (have fun guessing which is which). I’ll let LeBron James take this one, as he’s evidently quite passionate on the matter.




Jahlil Okafor To New Orleans Pelicans or Chicago Bulls

With the New Orleans Pelicans trying to flood that Anthony Davis-led front court with talent, they’re reportedly looking to the Philadelphia 76ers for former Duke star Jahlil Okafor. His inconsistently unspectacular days in Philly may be numbered.



Jimmy Butler To The Boston Celtics

Why, Chicago, why? Especially when Butts – who owns the Messy Top NBA hairstyle – is actually the long lost son of your favorite No. 23-wearing human being. Could he really be Michael Jordan’s son? Who knows, but he may soon be a Celtic. Jimmy reacts..



DeMarcus Cousins To The Boston Celtics

Sacramento Kings General Manager Vlade Divac already confirmed that he will not be trading his controversial star big man, but I’m not so convinced – I mean the guy did have a strangely familiar butt slap with Joel Embiid, so who knows what he knows that we don’t. DeMarcus responds..


Jose Calderon and Andrew Bogut To The Cleveland Cavaliers

Who gives a shit?



Boban Marjanovic, Aron Baynes Anywhere

With the Detroit Pistons “gauging interest in Aron Baynes, Boban Marjanovic,” there’s a good shot one of the two of these gentlemen are moved. At 7-foot-3, Boban is an intriguing option for any properly coached team – though he didn’t last too long in Popovich so what do I know? Boban’s thoughts on the matter..



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