Luol Deng Featured on Hit Television Series

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)

Similar to our favorite Law & Order, Luol Deng’s new fictional program is going to be gold every single time. What seems like 24 hours a day isn’t really enough, though. What we need is a sports spinoff, with Luol Deng heading a strong cast of decent NBA players or mediocre professional athletes in general who make great sports memes.


Luol Deng law & order meme.
Luol Deng hits hollywood.


If these guys make enough and lack the necessary contribution to their respective teams, it should be pretty easy to borrow them for several weeks to shoot the cut scenes.

In fact, if Dick Wolf wants to cut the corners a bit, he can always just shoot in some live NBA cut scenes or swing for the fences with a magical photoshop. Either way, another one may be Connor Shaw & Order, NFL style. So many options, so much time.

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