Marion Barber + The Greatest Two-Yard Run Ever

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2017)

Marion Barber had a knack for poetically flattening larger-on-paper defenders with his thighs for arms. While he’s hardly remembered for any of his bruising runs, riding the pine behind former tailback Julius Jones, or his one Pro Bowl appearance in 2007, the former Dallas Cowboys running back is carved fondly in our minds for his longwinded ability to elude Rodney Harrison, Ty Warren, Junior Seau, Vince Wilfork, and Mike Vrabel on one cave-etched play.

And you thought King Ezekiel was good. Marion the Barbarian turned an almost safety into the most energy deflating two-yard run in NFL history, against the all-mighty shithead Patriots. Let’s see that again.


The future looked bright for Marion Barber, who in 2006 led the NFC with 14 rushing touchdowns and was the first non-placekicker since 2000 to lead the Cowboys in scoring (96 points). And then came the future – or 2011 – when Barber was cut. He then signed with the Bears of Chicago, where he is remembered for this literally head-turning performance.


And that’s the story of the sacrificial NFL lamb that is Marion Barber.

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