Marshawn Lynch Unretiring To The Oakland Raiders Would Be Everything

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

In an unintentional effort to steal the spotlight from March Madness, Marshawn Lynch unretiring is flooding the news. ESPN’s Adam Shefter reports that the Oakland Raiders are seriously considering the attempted acquisition of the bruising running back from the still-in-control Seattle Seahawks.


Marshawn Lynch unretiring meme.
Marshawn Lynch unretiring is music to ears of NFL fans everywhere.


The Resume

Marshawn Lynch unretiring and returning to his hometown would be a gift to professional football. Following the 2015 season – and a monstrous nine-year career during which he rushed 2,144 times for 9,112 yards (4.3 average) and 74 touchdowns – Marshawn abruptly called it quits. The wear and tear finally wore and tore the Seattle running back, as he missed nine games that year (one playoff game) after surgery for an abdomen injury. But perhaps it was too soon.

He won Super Bowl XLVIII with the ‘Hawks against the Denver Broncos, years after a stellar all-time best college career at Cal and being drafted by the Buffalo Bills with the No. 12 pick of the 2007 NFL Draft. He played several productive years before being traded to Seattle in 2010 for two bullshit draft picks.

How Do They Get This Done?

The trick now is persuading the Seattle Seahawks to give up his rights. Naturally we love Marshawn Lynch here at Spleaze, due especially to the endlessly opportunities for sports memes he produces every day – so we want this to get done.

Seattle, who has the rights to Lynch for another two years, could either release or trade him. Simple, too simple. Seems only playing for his hometown Raidas would convince the almost 31-year-old to call it a restart.

‘Marshawn Lynch Unretiring’ Is The Only Headline I Want To See Tomorrow.

This is a great move. The NFL is far better with Marshawn Lynch unretiring so he can obliterate opponents on the regular. He was a rare breed of desire and Earthquake-causing recklessness – especially circa January 2011.

With Derek Carr and Amari Cooper leading a passionate passing attack behind a Five Blocks of Granite offensive line and, on the flip side, Latavius Murray leaving for the Minnesota Vikings, this is that destined love that both sides deserve. He’s also still younger than Adrian Peterson, for what it’s worth.

Skittles obsession, funny interviews, you name it. Marshawn is a legend. But the guy is also a star financially, considering he allegedly hadn’t spent any of his NFL salary (living off endorsements) as recently as last February. There’s a lot to love about Marshawn Lynch. Get this done.

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