Picture of Andrew Wiggins' "delusional" interview.

Marv Albert Thinks Andrew Wiggins is Delusional

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)

Andrew Wiggins was the star of the night late Tuesday after dropping a whopping 32 points, six steals, five rebounds and four assists for the blossoming Minnesota Timberwolves in a somehow-they-did-it win over the bulldozing Warriors. Not only did the victory deny Golden State its 70th win – only a few nights after the longest home winning streak in NBA history came to an end – but it also provoked a spectacularly strange postgame interview that been-around-forever commentator Marv Albert called the delusional interview of the season..



It’s a seemingly lovingly harmless back-and-forth, macro’d exchange between Wiggins and interviewer with some Zach LaVine photobombing thrown in that also provides some brutally honest perspective on how lopsided the league and its salivation for certain players is. The media will slob on Stephen Curry’s nob on any given night, but when the feisty Timberwolves go all David and Goliath on the NBA and beat Curry’s Warriors like a putrid rag doll, nobody gives their young star respect.

It wasn’t so long ago when Wiggins was a budding high school prospect seen as the next great player who can once again be endlessly compared to Jordan, Magic Johnson, any other great baller. He would end up at Kansas for a year before entering the 2014 NBA Draft as the clear No. 1 pick. When the Cleveland Cavaliers made it official and scripted ‘Andrew Wiggins’ on the draft card, they would make Wiggins only the second Canadian basketball player to be picked first overall – the first being Anthony Bennett the year before.. by, yep, the Cavs.


Meme of Andrew Wiggins taking down the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery.
Andrew Wiggins taking down the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery.


Interestingly Wiggins was promptly traded from LeBron’s team in a three-team exchange that sent Wiggins and, ironically, Bennett to Minnesota for Kevin Love. Philly was also involved, but not spectacularly.

Years later we look back on an intriguing and still promising career for the young gun – one that is now being flowered with criticism from a guy whose wig screams delusional. Marv is a lovable legend, but his time as a sports commentator may be dwindling in favor of a seat on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens: Live.




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